Many hairdressers in the United States support the use of Kamisori hair scissors. Look at the website and you will find that they have been awarded for things like the 2010 American Salon Professional’s Choice Award and the Reader’s Choice Launch Pad Award. Not only are these marvelous tools made to perform spectacularly, they are also lightweight, attractive, and they glide through the hair so easily. Japanese hair scissors

One particular type of the Kamisori hair scissors is the Dragon Collection. The scissors in this collection are made from Japanese blade smiths who know how to make the best, most precise scissor. The blade is made from cobalt stainless super steel so the tools can perform at their best. Using this steel, the hair scissors are known for their durability and precise cut.

Making the collection so unique is the job of the handle of the scissors on one particular pair called “Venom”. At the handle is a design of a dragon made and polished from Japanese sterling silver. Because of the sterling silver, you are guaranteed the most durable Kamisori hair scissor. You will not get any rust to form and affect your performance, nor will your fingers turn green due to the fact that they are not made from cheap nickel. Although comfort and performance are truly what matter when cutting hair, you’re sure to turn heads with this sleek dragon designed handle.

Though there are many benefits to the pair of dragon inspired shears, there are a few things you should be aware of when purchasing them. There are limited amounts of these shears available due to the fact that it takes so much work to create them. You should also remember that just because the d